“It was Jesus Christ, he hugged me and said ‘It’s not yet your time,’” Woman shares what Jesus Christ taught her in the afterlife during a near-death experience

You’ve probably heard stories about people returning from the afterlife and meeting God and Jesus Christ after near-death experiences at some point in your life.There must be something true since the number of people sharing those kinds of stories isn’t minor.

One of those people who claimed to have come back from the afterlife is the 78-year-old author of the best-seller “Embraced by the Light,” Betty J. Eadie, who went on to say that the spiritual experience changed her life.

Betty J. Eadie had a near-death experience after undergoing a hysterectomy operation nearly half a century ago and was disappointed when she realized she would have to return. Eadie reportedly had such a profound and life-changing experience that she is now looking forward to passing away and “can’t wait to go back.”

She didn’t tell her doctor about her experience for another five years, but when she finally did, the doctor confirmed she had been medically dead for a short period of time.

Eadie is quoted in Inside Edition as saying that the afterlife is so beautiful that she would “very gladly die tomorrow” if given the chance.

Eadie said that she was in the recovery room when she got the startling sense that all of the blood in her body had been drained out. “Then this sensation of my spirit coming out of my body at tremendous speed… I looked down and saw my body lying on the bed. I knew I had died and thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m dead,'” Eddie added.

Eadie asserted that three “really ancient men” arrived to tell her that she had died. After seeing a glimpse of her life and loved ones, Eadie’s soul led to a tunnel where she was met by a figure. She said that “it was Jesus Christ” and went on to say that “He hugged me and said, ‘It’s not yet your time.'”

Jesus hugged her and taught her everything about the meaning of life and how God created universal law and order that applied to everything and everyone. Using these laws, people could attract anything toward them, whether wealth or poverty, positive or negative, bliss or misery, according to Eadie.

Eadie said, “Three women, angels, appeared,” and Jesus told them, “‘Show her everything she needs to know.'” The angels showed her “the most beautiful garden I’d ever seen, like nothing I’d ever seen on Earth.”

“The angels then took me around every planet, and then Jesus told me I had to go back to Earth, but I didn’t want to,” Eadie continued. “Then the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen appeared, and it was God, and he told me I had to go back. I saw my body and went back into it.”

Two decades later, Eadie shared her experience and the teachings of Jesus with the people through her book, “Embraced by the Light.”

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