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Man convicted of raping and murdering his toddler stepdaughter receives an instant dose of karma from inmates

You have probably heard that inmates convicted of crimes related to raping or murdering a child are most likely to have their time while serving the prison term in jail made difficult and are molested by other inmates.

Such is the case where a man who was convicted of raping and killing his toddler stepdaughter was molested by other inmates and eventually died after being beaten to death.

According to reports, the brutal assault occurred on April 26, when the man’s wife had gone to work. After realizing the assault left the 4-year-old girl unconscious, the man, Sergio, took her to a private doctor, who then sent them to a hospital.

Sergio claimed at the hospital that his stepdaughter had suffered the injuries in a fall; however, medical personnel contacted the police because the injuries suggested that the stepdaughter had been physically abused.On April 26, he was taken into custody, and it was determined that the girl had passed away on that same day. Sergio is said to have confessed to the police while he was being held in detention that he had assaulted the girl in March as well.

While in prison, Sergio was attacked and beaten by inmates. Authorities verified that he passed away as a result of the injuries he received during the fight. Prison officials also said Sergio was the victim of an inmate “welcoming party,” which is a kind of prison justice that is served to people who have been accused of abuse or murdering children.

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