Parents noticed a change in their son’s eye, it turned out to be a fatal disease that killed him; Mother is now warning parents

Parents usually have premonitions when it comes to their children’s health and are able to notice when something is wrong with them quickly.

A child died after being diagnosed with a fatal disease, but, as per the parents’ statement, they are grateful for being able to prolong his life, even though for several months, after noticing something strange and paying a visit to a doctor immediately.

The parents of the child are now encouraging other parents to believe their premonitions and consult a specialist as quickly as possible if they notice something strange in their kids.

The parents of the toddler, Jessica and Lee, realized that something was different about their son Ted’s eye while on vacation.

The couple saw that their child’s eye had gotten distorted, and since they believed it was becoming worse as the days passed, they rushed Ted to the hospital as soon as they returned home.

“I couldn’t put my finger on what was different about it, it wasn’t inflamed or sore, but it was starting to look like it was protruding. Throughout the week, it was gradually becoming more obvious and when I pointed it out to Lee, he could see it too. When we got home, we took him to the emergency department at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre, really hoping that we were overreacting,” Jessica said.

Unfortunately, the results of Ted’s testing indicated that he had a rare cancerous tumor in one of his sinuses. He was diagnosed with an unspecified sarcoma, which has now been named as mesenchymal chondrosarcoma, in his ethmoid sinus.

In December of 2021, Ted had surgery and six cycles of chemotherapy treatment for his cancer.

Several weeks later, Ted’s parents detected a bump on his forehead. An ultrasound revealed that Ted’s brain was pushed forward because of a gap in his skull that had been removed during surgery.

“He had to be rushed for emergency surgery to have a drain put in to relieve the pressure. We were actually told he was cancer free at that point. But Ted started to go down hill and doctors were desperately trying to work out why,” said Jessica.

A test done a few weeks later showed that the cancer had already spread to Ted’s brain and spinal cord. The family was informed by the doctors that they could not do anything more for Ted, and he died at the age of 16 months.

“I’m so glad I trusted my instincts as I think we would have lost him sooner if I hadn’t. It gave us that eight months with him. I would urge anyone to trust their instincts if they think something is wrong. Even if it just gives you peace of mind,” said Jessica.

Jessica and Lee formed The Little Ted Foundation to help families with a seriously ill child.

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