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Woman believed she was pregnant as her stomach was growing bigger daily, ultrasound scan showed she had to undergo surgery immediately

All people should take care of their health and, from time to time, visit a doctor and make a detailed analysis because sometimes a simple examination can reveal a serious problem with us and our health.

A woman should be lucky to have visited a doctor on time since the growth of her stomach turned out not to be what she first believed it was but something worse that could have affected her ability to conceive significantly.

Despite being a health care assistant, this woman thought she was pregnant when her stomach began to grow, and she mistook an ovarian cyst for a growing baby bump.

The health care assistant, Hollie, began experiencing nausea, fatigue, and stomach cramps after noticing her stomach growing.

“At first, I thought I was pregnant. All of the symptoms pointed towards it because my stomach was growing bigger each day like a bump,” Hollie said.

In addition to that, she had trouble wearing some of her outfits and felt really bloated.

“I took a few pregnancy tests, but everything came back negative,” said Hollie.

Hollie’s symptoms, which included severe cramping, bleeding, and back pain, continued to worsen after all of the tests came back negative.

After a month, Hollie noticed that she was bleeding abnormally, so she made an appointment with her doctor in an effort to determine the source of the problem.

A scan with an ultrasound showed that she was not pregnant but had a large cyst on her right ovary.

“At the first scan, it was measuring in at about 18 cm big. I read anything over 10 cm is large for a cyst on your ovary and quite rare, but they said it wasn’t benign, not cancerous, or anything to worry about,” she said.

As she waited for surgery to remove the cyst, she felt her stomach was growing on a daily basis.

By the time Hollie underwent keyhole surgery in May 2022, the cyst was 10 inches in size, making it much bigger than a ball. Her stomach ultimately returned to its regular size after her cyst was successfully removed along with her right ovary and fallopian tube.

“I was so uncomfortable, but I’m so pleased they spotted the cyst and managed to remove it. They had to remove my ovary as well because the cysts had grown inside of it. It shouldn’t affect my fertility—you can still have children with one ovary, it just might take longer,” Hollie said.

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