Woman shares the agony she went through after a “foreign body” that many women use got stuck in her reproductive organ 

Many women around the world are using menstrual cups as an alternative to pads or tampons as it is cheaper, reduces irritation, and lowers the possibility of mess, odor, etc.

However, menstrual cups have many disadvantages, and one of them is that the cup might get stuck.

A woman is sharing the ordeal she went through and says she almost lost her life when the menstrual cup got stuck in her reproductive organ.

Nicole posted the shocking story on social media, detailing everything she went through in the last half year.

She said that the first time she noticed the cup was stuck was while she was having her period, but she was unable to remove it on her own.

“I felt it while menstruating because of my cervix being low, soft [and] open. I could just stick a pinkie through my cervix and felt it and knew it could only be this,” she wrote.

After some time, Nicole’s husband convinced her to seek medical consultation and visit the hospital. When the medical staff heard about her issue, they thought she was joking, saying the menstrual cup could not make its way up to the uterus.

Although there seemed to be “something” on Nicole’s ultrasound, the nature of this “something” could not be determined, and the doctors suspected that it was either a fibroid or a cyst.

“There was something on the ultrasound but the imaging wasn’t great and they said it was a fibroid or cyst. I made a follow-up to see an ob/gyn. He looked at the ultrasounds and didn’t do a new one, nor did he perform a full pelvic. He laughed at me,” Nicole said.

She suffered from chronic urinary tract infections and frequent menstrual bleeding for a long time.

Nicole said that she believed she was nearing the end of her life, adding, “I knew I was dying for the last month of it & bc I am a noisy person who loves sympathy, you would think I would tell people, but instead I was like a sick cat, wanting to die behind a couch or in a closet.”

A lot of agony ensued before she was finally able to get the cup out while making love to her husband. She said that she felt a moment of mind-bending agony, screamed, and was in a massive pool of blood.

“He had popped the suction. I ran to the bathroom, it was halfway out of my cervix. I could not live another moment like this and did my best to fold it and yank it out because I did not believe the ER would do it. It was the most painful moment of my life and then it was out,” said Nicole.

“I would also like to say that even if I HAD been delusional, even if they did think I was suffering from mental illness and not a foreign body in my uterus, this would be a terrible way to treat me/anyone who presented in this way as a patient,” Nicole added.

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