Woman thought she had a kidney infection and went to the hospital, left with a blessing from God instead

There are many cases where women throughout their pregnancy are unaware that they are actually pregnant. Most of those women have had irregular periods throughout their lives.

A woman who just had a baby is now telling the story of how she went to the hospital thinking she had a kidney infection but left with a baby instead.

The mother, Rachel, who has a hormone problem called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which may make it more difficult to have a child, was unaware that she was pregnant.

Rachel was used to having irregular periods, so when her water broke, she thought it was the start of her period.

But two days later, when she was still in a lot of pain and thought she could have an infection, she went to the emergency room, where she was informed, “I can feel your baby and it’s coming.”

 “The signs that I missed I passed off as logical reasons to something else. Signs that my water broke, I passed that off as my time of the month, then the pains started but I just tried to ignore them and went to work,” Rachel said.

“I called 911, who said I should go to hospital but it’s a five hour wait for an ambulance and they suspected a kidney infection or appendix. I live five minutes away from my nearest hospital so I told them to forget it and I’d go if it gets worse. I was up all night Thursday night and once thought ‘oh these pains are seven minutes apart, that’s strange’ but never thought it could be pregnancy,” Rachel added.

“The next day I went to A&E just to see what was going on, I was thinking I’d be given painkillers and antibiotics for an infection. The gynaecologist asked for an ultrasound and put it on, then looked at me and pointed to the screen where I saw a baby and said ‘ there’s your baby and it’s coming’,” she said.

After a few hours, Rachael finally gave birth to her first child.

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