Lifting the Covid-19 restrictions is one of several possible reasons for rising number of California children with respiratory problems

California – Most of the Covid-19 pandemic measures and restrictions are now lifted nationwide, but Americans should be aware that the deadly virus is still among us and the vaccines themselves won’t keep anyone safe from becoming infected with Covid-19.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, numerous health experts have been constantly warning that the strict reactions like lockdowns will most certainly have a negative impact on overall health in the period to come. What was then considered only as a warning is now slowly but surely becoming a reality, at least when it comes to children.

In the last couple of months, health experts and doctors are reporting an increasing number of children suffering from different health issues like anemia, decreased immunity in general, as well as psychological difficulties mostly caused by the lockdowns. As we now approach the winter, a rising number of children are being diagnosed with respiratory illnesses, and what is even more concerning, a high percentage of them are in need of constant care and hospitalization.

According to recent data provided by nearly 50 hospitals nationwide, including hospitals in California, doctors see an increasing number of hospitalizations in children and the most common problems are early influx of the flu, RSV and other respiratory illnesses. The increase comes in a very ‘dangerous period’, and even Dr. Anthony Fauci confirmed the fears.

“This is particularly problematic because as we get into the flu season, you might have a convergence of three significant respiratory illnesses at one time in children,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci. “RSV, which you just mentioned, influenza and of course there’s always the concern, as we get into the winter, about a surge of a new variant of COVID-19.”

Health experts agree that there are several potential reasons for the recent increase in the number of hospitalized children with respiratory problems. Lifting the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and measures is most certainly one of the potential reasons, according to Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious diseases expert at UCSF, who thinks that many of the children have been infected with Covid-19 in recent months. He further stated that recent COVID-19 infections make children’s immune systems more reactive if a respiratory infection is detected.

Although this claim is still unproven, Dr. Chin-Hong says that more and more people back this hypothesis.

The CDC recently released data confirming that this trend is seen nationwide. According to their reports, children under the age of five are the most concerned group since most of the flu-like illnesses in children happen in this age group. The data provided by the CDC should serve as a warning sign for parents who are strongly advised to keep their little children as safe as possible in the upcoming weeks.

Warning signs of respiratory illness include fast or labored breathing, flared nostrils, blue or discolored skin the face — signaling low oxygen — and dehydration, such as dry mouth or a decrease in wet diapers.

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