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Man found guilty of a first-degree murder charge for shooting his girlfriend to death

Long Beach, California – On Thursday, a jury in Long Beach decided that a 34-year-old man should be found guilty of murder for the shooting death of a woman he had been dating and for abandoning her body on a sidewalk in downtown Long Beach.

The 46-year-old Nancy Romero was shot and killed on July 11, 2019 by John Osborne. The day of her death comes a day after their roommate claimed to have seen them arguing.

The next morning, at eight in the morning, Romero’s corpse was discovered about one block away from the Long Beach Superior Court. She had been shot in the back, and she was taken to a nearby hospital in severe condition, where she ultimately passed away from her injuries.

The attorney for Osborne contended throughout the trial that the incident was an instance of manslaughter rather than murder. According to what was written in the newspaper, Osborne claimed that he shot Romera after an argument when she allegedly stated, “I’m glad I’m not having your (expletive) baby,” in reference to an earlier miscarriage. Osborne reportedly lost his temper and shot at Romera after the altercation.

Osborne, who was 31 years old at the time of the shooting, surrendered himself to authorities five days after the incident, and according to court records, he has been imprisoned ever since on $3 million bail.

Osborne was found guilty of first-degree murder after the jury debated for around five hours on Thursday before reaching a verdict.

The date set for Osborne’s sentencing is December 15th. He is facing a prison term of 25 years to life.

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