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Motorcyclist driving erratically through Los Angeles led police on a chase Friday night

Los Angeles, California – Police were led on a chase on Friday night by a motorcyclist who was driving erratically on the wrong side of the highway in Hollywood.

The motorcycle, which the police first attempted to pull over for running a red signal, started going at high speeds in the opposite direction on the 134 Freeway in Glendale before turning onto Hollywood Way. While being chased by police cars, the motorcyclist was seen doing stunts like standing on the seat and wheelies.

The motorcyclist kept driving recklessly, running red lights, and driving on sidewalks while coming dangerously close to hitting people. The police pursued the suspect until they reached the vicinity of Universal Studios, when they were suddenly met by a group of other bikers who surrounded the suspect.

According to the information provided by authorities, the motorcyclist refueled his tank at a gas station and continued his ride until reaching The Grove. A number of agencies were involved in the chase, and eventually they lost sight of the motorcyclist. An investigation is underway.

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