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Plane made an emergency landing at Long Beach Airport due to engine issues

Long Beach, California – Air travel is one of the safest ways to travel in the world today. In fact, you’re almost 25 times more likely to die in a car accident than in a plane crash. For every 1 billion miles flown, there is fewer than one fatal accident.

Two things contribute to keeping passengers safe during every phase of flight: air traffic control and aircraft technology. The odds of being involved in an accident are about one in 10 million, which is about as likely as winning the lottery. But despite the low odds of being involved in a plane accident, some planes experience issues with their engines during flights, but most of them do not result in fatalities and make emergency landings.

The latest incident of this kind, in which a plane made an emergency landing, triggering the emergency crews, took place in Long Beach.

According to the reports of authorities, the private jet’s route was from San Diego to Honolulu, but due to apparent issues with its engines shortly after takeoff, the pilot was forced to deviate from the intended route and head to Long Beach, where he managed to land the plane safely at the airport.

Crews from the Long Beach Fire Department were sent to the Long Beach Airport on Monday morning, but their assistance was not required since the plane landed without incident. According to the LBFD, there were around ten passengers onboard. There were no injuries reported.

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