Mom received an email that her daughter was misbehaving at school; does something that pissed her daughter off

Misbehaving in school refers to any behavior that is not in line with the rules and expectations of the school. This can include things like disrupting class, disobeying rules, or acting in a way that is disrespectful or harmful to others.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for dealing with misbehaving students, as the best course of action will depend on the specific circumstances and the needs of the individual student.

A woman named Kris received an email from her daughter’s teacher, explaining that her child was misbehaving in class. In response, Kris decided to spend the day in her daughter’s eighth-grade class.

In an “I’m Here Cause My Child Won’t Behave,” shirt, she went from class to class with her kid, and was flabbergasted by what she saw.

Earlier in the day, she took to Facebook and posted a photo of herself standing next to her daughter. The post read: “She is pissed. I think she forgot who her mother is… She gone learn today.”

Later in the day, however, she went back to Facebook to recount her experiences during the few hours she spent at the school.

She began: “During my day as an 8th grader, I took note of a few things. These kids are bad as hell. These kids are disrespectful. There should be a lot more parents taking a day at school to see how their child behaves.”

“Teachers are angels sent from heaven,” she wrote. “I couldn’t do it, wanted to choke about 6 kids. These little girls are “EXTRA GROWN.”

“If your middle school child has a sew-in and fake nails… YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM,” she added.

Turning her attention to the school’s faults, she wrote: “School lunch is horrible. I feel like an unfit parent for subjecting my children to eat that stuff,” adding that lunchtime was “chaotic” and treated like “a prison meal time.”

She wrote that the dismissal process was “chaotic,” adding, “There must be a better way.”

She continued: “Teachers spend more time policing kids on their cell phones. Parents, your child does not need their phone at school. We survived without them, they will be fine. It’s a distraction.”

Addressing the parents, she added, “It’s ok to remind your kids that they are kids and be respectful to adults. These kids have 0 respect. Get involved with your child in school…. the teachers appreciate you and your child with appreciate you later in life.”

“My daughter is PISSED at me for showing up, but she knows that I love her and only want what’s best for her,” she added.

Kris’s post quickly went viral, with parents applauding her efforts and honesty. Some parents even decided to do the same.

In another post, Kris posted a picture of another mother who’d decided to do the same, shirt included.

“It’s a Movement Baby! When you inspire another parent to show up and show out! She sent me a photo. Way to go Patty Perez! #SupportOurSchools,” Kris captioned the post.


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