Grandma complains nurses are mistreating her; family sets up camera only to see something horrible

The nursing home was meant to be a peaceful, loving place to live for this old woman. This 98-year-old Mannie was given assurances upon admission to the nursing home that she would not miss anything and would get ongoing assistance and care. It turns out that their assurances weren’t completely accurate. Mannie was not treated with love and respect, like many elderly people receiving care in nursing homes.

One day, Mannie started complaining to her family that the staff was mistreating her. She added that the staff’s behavior towards her was awful, particularly that of the nurse who was assigned to take care of Mannie. She explained that she was being mistreated, but these claims were not taken too seriously by the family at that moment. However, very soon other signs made them think twice.

The family witnessed something very shocking. Mannie had bruises all over her body and even once had a black eye. This clearly made the family quite worried. The nursing home denied everything, but Mannie’s daughter and granddaughters wanted some answers about these horrible things.

The staff told the family that Mannie fell from the wheelchair and got bruises. They told the family that there was nothing to worry about. However, the family knew better and installed a hidden camera in Mannie’s room to capture the gruesome treatment that their loved one was facing.

The camera was hidden in a clock. After some time, the family saw something horrible. They couldn’t believe their eyes!

It should go without saying that absolutely NO ONE deserves this sort of treatment, particularly not someone so weak and vulnerable as Minnie.

What sort of a world do we live in where it’s not even safe to leave your elderly loved ones in care? If nothing else, this story should teach us to always remain vigilant, and to trust your gut feeling.

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See what happened by playing the video here.


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