Mom thinks she’s having twins and makes an appointment; then the doctor notices something strange on the ultrasound, leaving the mother shocked

Many women experience a range of emotions when they learn they are going to become mothers, as the anticipation of holding their baby and starting a family can be a very happy and joyful time for many women. The joy is amplified for women who were previously told they had fertility issues.

A woman named Lauren always wanted to be a mom, but after an exhausting year of trying to get pregnant, the thought of fertility treatments seemed too daunting. She headed to vacation with her husband so they could plan their next step.

She discussed her fertility issues with her church members and pastor on the trip. The pastor prayed for her, and before heading home, she had a message for Lauren.

“She told me she knew God had big plans for me; she didn’t know what, but it would be big,” Lauren wrote on social media. She thought nothing of the pastor’s words.

After one round of intrauterine insemination, Lauren was sure it hadn’t worked. But it had.

During one check-up, the nurse told Lauren that her beta levels were high, and that meant she was having multiples.

Lauren and her husband assumed they would have twins or triplets, and that seemed overwhelming.

The biggest surprise came during their first ultrasound.

After studying the screen for a while, the doctor announced: “I just counted 5.”

Lauren’s immediate thought? That’s not possible!

“Hold on,” the doctor said. “I just found a sixth one.”

The shocked couple just stared at the screen.

They were part of the 1% chance of conceiving sextuplets.

They now had a monumental decision to make: reduce the babies’ numbers or keep them all. There was a slim-to-none chance of all the babies surviving.

They chose to keep them all, and the doctor promised to do everything they could to get Lauren to 28 weeks.



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