“Monster” mom put her first-born daughter up for adoption after giving birth to a boy; the reason shocked her entire family

Some mothers place their children for adoption, mostly because they are having difficulties providing for the child. But in this story, that was not the case, as the mother placed her daughter for adoption for a shocking reason we are sure you haven’t heard of before.

A woman left her family speechless when she announced on a video call with relatives that she was giving up her daughter for adoption. After giving birth to a baby boy, the mother claimed that “she couldn’t care for two kids” and thus decided to leave one of them in the arms of whoever was willing to adopt her.

It was the mother’s sister, identified only as Brianna, who wrote about the situation on social media. In her post, Brianna mentioned that her sister, Candice, had set up the video call to introduce her little one to the family after giving birth during the pandemic.

The call went splendidly, and everyone was excited to say hello to Candice’s newborn son. But the mood quickly changed when the family asked Candice if they could see her older daughter as well.

“My sister very quietly said that she didn’t have her because at the beginning of January she put her daughter up for a closed adoption because she couldn’t care for two kids,” Brianna wrote.

“Everyone lost it. The whole family was a mess. We didn’t know,” the heartbroken aunt went on to say. “We never got to say goodbye. She didn’t have to do this because any one of us would have taken my niece.”

As she mentioned her sister’s cruel aversion to the idea of raising a girl, Brianna added, “I know my sister, and I know deep down she just doesn’t want a daughter. She was depressed when she found out she was having a girl, but thrilled for this entire recent pregnancy with a boy. My sister always said she wanted to be a boy mom, so she gave up her daughter to focus on that.”

After having multiple miscarriages and having trouble getting pregnant, Brianna was heartbroken to hear what happened to her niece. She told Candice that she would have adopted her if she had been given the chance.

“I’m currently pregnant, I am stable, I own a home, and I have the resources to take care of a toddler as well as have my baby,” Brianna mentioned in her post.

Utterly devastated during the call, Brianna wound up calling her sister a “narcissistic b***h” in front of all their family.

“I asked her when she’d get bored of the new baby and get rid of that one too,” Brianna went on to say. “I asked her how she could do this without reaching out to the family. I called her a monster for making children she didn’t want to care for like they were a novelty.”

Following the call, Candice refused to speak to her family, but Brianna decided to do whatever she could to raise her niece herself.

“I didn’t realize how many options I had to fight this,” she said, adding that she would try to go after winning custody of Candice’s son as well. Although the situation has been a “nightmare,” Brianna declared that she was ready to “fight my sister” to win the custody of both her daughter and son.

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