Trans woman decides to undergo treatment to look more beautiful; instead of fillers, the toxic doctor injects something else into her face

Quite often, people are willing to go to great lengths to look younger than their age. To do this, they turn to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons but not all of them have a doctorate degree.

48-year-old Rajee had a terrifying problem: she had been injected with cement. Rajee, who is transgender, received black market injections in 2005 at a “pumping party” from O’Neal, a self-proclaimed plastic surgeon nicknamed the “toxic tush doctor” by the press.

Rather than receiving actual fillers—something you should only receive from a board-certified medical professional—she was injected with tire sealant and cement. Again: that’s tire sealant and cement in her face. As a result of the injections, Rajee’s face developed large lumps under her cheeks, lips, and chin:

Sadly, Rajee was too embarrassed to go to the police—an understandable reaction, considering the staggering number of transgender people reporting harassment from law enforcement. And for those wondering why Rajee might not have gone to a more reputable doctor, there’s actually a long history of transgender people having a hard time getting treatment from the medical community, whether it’s due to a lack of access in their area, because their doctor flat out refuses to give them proper care, or because they simply do not have the ability to pay for these expensive treatments. People such as O’Neal take advantage of people in this dire situation by offering dangerous “services” that lead to disfigurement and, sometimes, death.

“The last thing I wanted was to look like a man in a dress. I wanted to be a beautiful woman,” Rajee said of her initial steps toward transition. “So I made the choice to get injections done — in our community it is called pumping.”

Fortunately, one day she found out about a program that helps people who have suffered at the hands of these “masters,”  and Rajee was able to get the results she has desperately wanted for such a long time.

By performing a couple of procedures to fix Rajee’s face, the doctors were able to take out the cement lumps from her cheeks, chin, and lips, and she was finally able to reveal her new look to her loved ones.


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