Screaming toddler traumatizes passengers during an 8-hour flight; his mother does nothing to stop him

We are all aware that some kids can be annoying as hell at times. With all the running, screaming, and complaining, it can all be too much for a parent to handle. I mean, if you’re raising your child to be spoiled, then you have a big problem to deal with in the long run. And for some, that problem becomes someone else’s problem.

Like this kid who kept screaming for eight hours straight on a flight to the USA, and no one stopped him, not even his mother.

We don’t know if this kid has a condition that makes him extra impulsive or what the problem is, but we do know that this type of behavior would have gotten him and his mother off the plane before takeoff. A passenger recorded the whole thing, and it was truly torture. Before the plane took off, the child remained on his mother’s shoulder, looking around and screaming a little bit. He seemed kind of impulsive, but the people have no idea what they are about to encounter for those eight hours.

The mother asked if she could turn on WiFi so the kid would stay on his iPad as a distraction, but it was against the rules as they hadn’t taken off yet. Once the plane was in the air and the seatbelt light went off, the kid started running around the aisles making a whole lot of noise, laughing and yelling like a little angry and annoying goblin. He is left to do whatever he wants.

At around an hour into the flight, a passenger in the video can be seen covering her ears as the child continues to scream and run around the plane. The rest of the footage documents the child’s bloodcurdling cries for each of the following seven hours, along with the boy’s subsequent screaming fit upon landing.

The video has attracted dozens of comments from appalled viewers who suggested that the boy and his parents should have been removed from the flight when they proved unable to control their child.

‘If this started before the plane took off, the plane should have taxied back to the terminal and kicked the kid and his parents off. This kind of behavior is just unacceptable,’ one commenter wrote.

‘Call an exorcist,’ another added.

While a third said: ‘Even noise cancellation headphones would not have drowned out this terror.’

The man who recorded the video uploaded it to the internet, and some people say that the kid might have a condition that makes him act like that for eight hours without getting tired.

Watch the video below.


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