Lotto Texas jackpot grows to $61.5 Million, with Wednesday’s drawing poised to hit $62.75 million

Saturday’s Lotto Texas drawing has come to a close, and alas, no player was fortunate enough to take home the coveted jackpot prize. As such, the jackpot for the upcoming draw on Monday, April 3 has now swelled to an impressive and tantalizing sum of $61.5 million, to be disbursed over a period of time.

The cash value of tonight’s Lotto Texas drawing is estimated at a whopping $37.6 million, making it an incredibly enticing prospect for all who choose to participate. However, if the jackpot prize remains unclaimed, it will continue to grow and expand, further increasing the excitement and anticipation for the Wednesday, April 5 drawing, where the prize is expected to reach a staggering $62.75 million.

Gary Grief, the Executive Director of the Texas Lottery, has reported that sales have been consistently strong in the past few weeks. This is excellent news for public education in Texas, as a portion of the proceeds from the lottery will be directed towards supporting this important cause. Grief further expressed his delight at the prospect of at least one of their players winning the first Lotto Texas jackpot of 2023, which also happens to be the largest one since May of 2010.

While the prospect of winning such a substantial sum of money is certainly exciting, Grief urges all players to play responsibly and with care. One ticket may be all it takes to hit the jackpot, but it is important to remember that the lottery is a game of chance, and that the fun and enjoyment of the game should be balanced with responsible behavior.

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