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Woman charged for assault on 74-year-old at Long Beach bus stop

Long Beach, California – In a recent press release, Long Beach Police Department announced the arrest of a woman accused of assaulting an elderly individual at a local bus stop.

Amber Jackson, 27, has been formally charged with felony battery and elder abuse.

Jackson was detained in the vicinity of Cherry Avenue’s 6000 block around 12:45 p.m. Her bail was subsequently set at $50,000.

The assault occurred in the late afternoon of May 19, near the intersection of South Street and Orange Avenue. The entire incident was captured on nearby surveillance cameras, which showcased the victim being forced into ongoing traffic.

Upon arrival, law enforcement found the victim, identified as Socorro de la Mora, with minor injuries, predominantly bruising under her eyes. Jesus Ramirez, de la Mora’s son, spoke about his mother’s emotional state: “She’s devastated, you know? She can’t go out the house because she doesn’t feel safe anymore.”

According to the police report, de la Mora was standing at the bus stop when Jackson allegedly approached her, used derogatory language, and pushed her into the road. Jackson departed from the scene prior to police arrival.

Local residents have reported seeing Jackson frequently in that particular area of Long Beach. Shirley Brown, a local resident who knows Jackson, revealed that the accused is homeless and grapples with addiction. Brown also acknowledged that this violent behavior was out of character for Jackson, despite other irregular actions, such as public nudity.

While a specific motive for the attack is still being determined, Ramirez expressed his belief that Jackson may have mental health issues. Brown confirmed that Jackson had previously sought assistance but failed to maintain it.

Long Beach Police Department is urging anyone with further information to come forward.

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