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How are companies involved during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Long Beach, CA – As October approaches, towns and social media are filled with pink. This happened late September this year too. And this is because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). This health campaign, which was put together by top breast cancer charities, is very important for drawing attention to the ongoing fight against the most common type of cancer in American women, excluding skin cancers.

The risks are still high. In the United States alone, invasive breast cancer will be found in about 240,680 women and 2,800 men in 2023. Also, the death toll is heartbreaking: this year, 43,700 women and 530 men are expected to die from the disease. Even though it is the second most common type of cancer in women, after lung cancer, the group effort to stop it is truly amazing.

Corporations in the United States are involved in this good cause, and every October the market is often filled with pink products and projects. Businesses are very important to fundraising. For example, some sell limited-edition items with a portion of the revenue going to research and support groups. Other businesses run internal campaigns where they match employee donations.

There are many events, such as charity walks, runs, bake sales, and more, that show how companies raise awareness for this cause in a variety of ways. Donations of money or goods directly help study and support groups do their jobs better, which makes a real difference in the search for a cure and better patient care.

So, how companies, federal and state agencies, nonprofits and others are involved in this good cause during the month of October?

A small, locally owned company in North Texas is providing free cleaning services to breast cancer patients in Rockwall and Rowlett. According to Rockwall News, The Joy of Clean will provide this free service until the end of this month.

In Long Beach and LA County area, numerous companies have join the cause too. We Deserve Better Foundation is hosting a fundraiser event later this week at the House of Lebanon, Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA. The money will be given to BNA Cancer Medical Center that will provide free medication & support to cancer patients in Lebanon.

Carla’s Ribbon of Life Breast Cancer Foundation will host event on November 11 at LA Crystal Hotel-Los Angeles-Long Beach. Carla’s Ribbon of Life Breast Cancer Event will celebrate survivors, raise awareness, and support each other in person.

On Saturday, October 28, Empowered Nutrition Gardena will host Breast Cancer Awareness Fit Camp. The free workout event, which regularly costs $15 for each class, will take place at 14114 S Normandie Ave, Gardena, CA, USA.

Even though breast cancer is very common, there is hope that comes from educating people and finding it early. Both men and women can get this disease, but women are much more likely to get it for some reason. It starts because of a mix of genetic, biological, and external factors, which makes it even more important for everyone to be aware of it.

The good news is that early detection methods, like getting regular mammograms and clinical exams, are very good at finding the cancer early on. This is very important because early detection has a good outlook; over 90% of women found at this stage survive, which shows how important it is to get regular screenings.

Large organizations aren’t the only ones that can join BCAM; individuals can also make a big difference in this fight. Simple things, like wearing pink or giving money to a good breast cancer charity, can make a big difference.

Volunteering, whether at events or as a guide for survivors, is very helpful because it gives patients and researchers support from the ground up. The most important thing about prevention is that it starts with instruction. People can make better health decisions for themselves and others by learning more about breast cancer and sharing what they’ve learned with others in their communities. Early diagnosis and treatment could save lives.

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