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Law enforcement put on “tactical alert” after an officer was injured in the downtown LA riots for abortion rights

Los Angeles, California – LAPD officers were on “tactical alert” across the city because a group of protesters took over downtown streets and injured one officer.

People started gathering near Pershing Square on S. Hill and W. 5th streets at approximately 9 p.m. on Tuesday.

According to the reports, the crowd tried to take over a Metro bus and surrounded Department of Homeland Security patrol cars.

Officers responded by trying to break the crowd up, but allegedly, the group started throwing bottles and rocks at them, injuring one of the responding officers.

Information about how bad the officer’s injuries were has not been made public.

The entire road was blocked by law enforcement, and a couple of hours later, the Los Angeles Police Department narrowed the tactical alert to only cover the downtown area.

On Tuesday morning, thousands of people took to the streets around the country to demonstrate against a leaked draft opinion of the United States Supreme Court that would overturn the court’s Roe v. Wade ruling.

On Tuesday, around 1,000 people gathered in front of the courthouse, with the clear majority of those present demanding the continuance of federal protection of abortion rights.

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