Man “indecently abused” his daughters and granddaughter; police discovered something even more shocking

A man is accused of indecently abusing his daughters and granddaughter and letting his sons do the same to their sisters, but what is even more shocking is that his daughters and granddaughter were impregnated during the “acts” and gave birth.

The father, Tim, reportedly had seven children with his wife, June, but he then went on to father more children with his daughters.

The incestuous family was reportedly living in “very dirty and hazardous” conditions, while the children were also seen wearing “dirty clothing.” Authorities first learned about the family after one of the younger girls went to school and told a friend about what was going on at home.

“My sister is pregnant, and we don’t know which of my brothers is the father,” the young child reportedly said, and this eventually led to an investigation as the police got involved. All the children’s identities remain concealed, and the names used are pseudonyms given by the court.

Investigations found that Tim began ra-ing his daughter, Betty, when she was 12 years old. Apart from the 13 children Tim had with Betty, he also had four children with his daughter, Rhonda, and even had a child with his granddaughter, Raylene.

While Tim formed incestuous relationships with his daughters, his son Charlie also had his own se-ual relationships with his sisters on the side. Charlie openly shared a “marital bed” with his younger sister, Martha, who reportedly had her own five children fathered by Tim, Charlie, or her other brother.

During the trials, the court also heard about how Petra, one of the children born to Tim and Betty, was se-ually abused by her uncle/half-brother, Frank. As per reports, Frank is Tim’s son as well as Betty’s brother, and he was found guilty of se-ually assaulting his niece/half-sister, Petra.

While speaking to the police, Petra told them she had never been to school and said, “All my aunts, uncles, and cousins have been sleeping together.”

In order to avoid the locals becoming suspicious of all the incest, pedophilia, and neglect going on in the family, they would often move around. But the police eventually found them living in poor conditions, where the children slept in tents and struggled to speak proper English. There was also no running water, electricity, or toilets in the remote area where the family was living.

Even though Tim passed away in 2009, his children were still facing a number of charges, and now the court has allowed the public to learn the full extent of the abuse by using pseudonyms for the family members.

Members of the family originally had around 80 charges against them, and these included incest, child se-ual abuse, indecency against a child, and perjury. But many of the charges were dropped along the way.

One of the investigators, Peter, said the revelations that came out were “like nothing I’ve ever seen.” We are republishing this story amid recent reports that child se-ual abuse has increased in the United States during the pandemic.


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