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Closure of Long Beach’s main library extended due to ongoing safety concerns

Long Beach, California – Billie Jean King Main Library has been closed to the public for the last week and is expected to remain closed for the near future over security concerns.

The first closure of the library was announced on September 27 through a post on social media by the city. It was anticipated that the closure would remain in place for a period of two weeks. “The library has had to strike a balance between providing for the safety of the public and staff from people experiencing mental health issues in and around the facility,” Library Services Director Cathy De Leon said.

Councilmember Suzie Price said at a mayoral discussion that staff members had been assaulted by people who are struggling with mental health issues.

The library’s website said that during the closure, issues related to personnel and specialized training will be addressed.

The doors are locked to walk-in customers, with to-go service being the only option. You make your request online or over the phone and then pick it up at the door.

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